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Tempting Anime

    The above picture may be a tad gory, but it happens to come from a great Anime called Elfen Lied. ^^ I finally got around to watching this Anime a few days ago and I would recommend it to anyone. It may have the  gore, blood, and nudity that a lot of people seem to scorn Anime for, but it has an amazing story line. I actually cried =(

The episode got deleted! (Darn the internet!)

Yes, yes... that last picture has nothing to do with Elfen Lied. I just happened to come across it in my searches. ^^ I'll give the first person a shiny nickle if you can tell me what Anime Hiei is from.

    If anyone wants to watch this, you can stream it at TV links, or DL it here. There is also: Crunchy roll, msypace, veoh video, youtube, and torrents. ^^ Enjoy.
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