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Anime... duh. Also anything goes. Games, movies, etc
This is the official LJ site for those who want to discuss anything! The title may be about anime, but feel free to go off topic. Feel free to post Downloads, streams, pictures, and whatever else.


1) No flaming... unless it is deserved.
2) I'm always right... here I am GOD! <--- me = Kurisitaru
3) Don't post things that can get the group deleted
4) Don't advertise anything without my permission
5) Use official posts.
6) Don't start shit or wank unless you are prepared for people to call you on it.
7) Trolls, I will ban you if you annoy me, if you cause enough amusement you may get to stay.
8) All embedded material *must* go behind a cut. Same goes for over-sized pictures (more than 700 pixels wide.)
9) Posts cannot have their comments screened or disabled.
10)Plain black text only. This means: no decorative fonts, no colors, no formatting. If I go blind trying to decipher what you wrote, I will delete it.
11) No pornographic icons. No posts that have porny things... unless they are labeled as Not work safe and put under a cut (I honestly don't mind sharing hentai links... if you don't like Hentai then don't click on the links.)
12) This list is subject to change without warning. You have problems? Tell me, I won't read every single little comment and entry so message me if you have any questions, comments, concerns.
13) Follow the rules... this seems obvious... right?

>I have the intention on posting useful links to Anime I find on the internet. These posts may contain pictures, streams, and Downloads. I will keep a link to all of these Animes on the main page and here, so there is easy access to them.
>IF you want a certain Anime, please post an entry asking. Some nice person may link you to it. I may even find the time to make a topic about it, if I want to. However, all requests are just that... requests. So don't trip your frogs if you don't get a request filled! kthxbai

Links to Anime
~Elfen Lied
~Special A
~Vampire Knights

~Will add more as they are submitted. Please message if you add your own to the group.